I got yer funboard right here...

I masked off the longboard last night, might be glassing today if it warms up and I decide on colors.
Had a look at building a board for another local guy but we couldn't come to terms on the shape.
He is an ok surfer, has a funboard and a fish.
Misses waves on the fish and the funboard is such a compromise, whats the point?
I asked him to think about where he surfs, think honestly about how well he surfs and think about where he wants his surfing to progress to.
Then get the board thats going to cover those bases without too much compromise.

I think one is better off on a late 70's RPT than a tri-finned compromise that does not do one thing well.
I think a midi-Simmons is a better go to than a funboard, say around 7'4".
But thats me, what do I know?

I admit to bias here, I only shape what I ride, right now my quiver is the 9'4" SUP, the 10'0" log, the 6'4" Simmons and the 8'0" retro I use for the points and bigger beach break. Not a thruster in the bunch.
The log and the Simmons would cover almost any surf I come across here.
But it stands to reason that if you are surfing the same waves as I do, with all things being relative and you like the way I surf my boards, get something like what I ride but with the volume/length you need.
If it works for me then it will work for you.

Oh well, I won't bend just to sell a board.

See ya with a ride report on the Simmons later.
And if any one is interested in these Simmons type shapes, this board is available for loan.
I even put a leash loop on it for you sissies.

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