...and chunks. Foam was flying the last three hours as I tightened up the new Simmons thing and shaped another longboard.
I need to make the fins tomorrow and hopefully lay glass tomorrow night.
I went a 1/4 thicker and a 1/2 wider instead of increasing the length to 7'4". This upped the volume enough to give some more paddling speed and flotation. I never had issues with the lines of the other Simmons but after paddling 2000 yards, I was pretty tired. This one has zero tail rocker and no concave, a bit more hull in the nose.
Same S deck and rails.
Looks like a bar of well used soap.
I am going to insert a nose stringer for strength and two more stringers inside the rails for looks.
And I glued a tailblock on before I came upstairs.
Port Orford Cedar.
I will get some blank pics tomorrow.

Any color ideas?
I wanted to do tye dye flames on the Simmons but...dealing with 6 cups of resin might be a bit much.

In other news, there is no surf.
I wouldn't lie.

See ya.

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