Got some surf yesterday at the SUP spot, nothing special but I got wet.
Finished putting the wood tailblock and stringer insert on the new Simmons but didn't get to glassing because...
The wifes' foot hit the floor.
After seeing me walk in with another 200.00 box full of resin and glass, she mentioned that I have 7 boards right now and 'just maybe' you might want to part with one or two?
Well, sure Honey but the economy...sucks.
So I am listing my boards for sale on CraigsList, putting surftech labels on them.
Should disappear within minutes.
She has a point though, trouble is, a backyard shaper-no matter how good, isn't going to sell many boards. I have shaped 16 now and only sold off 5 so far.
So today, the one that really needs to find a home is going cheap.
Check coastal CL.
I have enough resin and glass to finish off two more without her knowing.
What I am going to do with them, who knows.

I did fuck up my stringer insert on the new Simmons, its off by 10 mm at the tip, even after all the chalk line and measuring...doesn't affect anything and the board is getting dipped in chocolate so it won't show anyway but it does hurt my OCD eyes.
10 mm! Ugh!
I have the blank at 90% done, some final sanding and two little spots to fill and its ready for glass when it gets warm today. Simply too cold to do it last night.
I also finished the new longboard blank at 9'0", its another Rambler but with a thinner nose and deeper concave, its for a lighter rider.

I had a guy ask about a Simmons for his size...6'3", 275 lbs.
275 lbs.
I wouldn't know where to start.
But I am looking into it.

See ya.

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