Fantastic day

..out, got some ankle biting surf on the SUP, pushed a hippie into a few of the best waves he has ever had, got some sun and dinner was ready when I got home.
Ok, it was mac and cheese but I didn't marry her because she could cook...

Now I am contemplating colors because I am glassing the new Simmons mini inspired board in a few minutes. I want to go dark brown tint to clear to brown again.
So I flow the brown on the nose, switch to clear across the deck and middle, then back to brown on the tail-ish area.
Once its down, its down. First color to hit the glass is dominant so even dragging the brown across the clearer deck will give me light tan. Hmmm...
Too many options.
I may have a puff or two first.
In other news...
Not much.
Tomorrow, the surf drops further but the sun will be out most of the day.
One out of two ain't bad.

See ya with pics later.

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