Thats more like it...

So my camera took a dump, it will download to the laptop but not the PC, out of luck till I bother figuring it out.
On the other hand...
I was in the front yard with the new Simmons, giving it a bath between sandings when a guy stops by and asks if I build surfing type boards.
Yes I do.
An hour later, I had a deposit, sold before its finished.
I like that.
Of course, I told him I have to ride it first and with the way conditions are looking, might be a week or so.
The colors came out ok, blood red bottom with a white chocolate/milk chocolate deck. I should have let the white opaque sit a bit longer but I think its ok, a little different.
I have the fins ready to glass, three layers and then 3 more once they are on the board. I will mount them tonight with 5 minute epoxy and then lay them up from there, tedious process, trust me.

Thats the news from the Retro Basement Boardworks.

No surf today, duh.
Might have been waves somewhere.
Not here.
See ya.


Gaz said...

1 more kook

retro shaper said...

I should have put it more plainly for those too far north for the education system to reach...
"the guy" is actually a surfer and "surfing-type boards" are any board not made by the factories.
You can't pose with one of my boards... but the factory shit, oh yeah, nothing but poses...
(insert sarcasm tag here)