In the bay.

The shaping bay that is.
The Rambler is sold, the mini Simmons is sold, the one I have not finished yet is sold.
Good deal.
So now I have a few bucks to play with, the wifes' foot is safely packed away and I get to shape whatever I want.
Here I go.
What am I doing?
Another Rambler type longboard for myself.
I let Jeff ride it today, the 9'0" had more float than his 10'3 1/2".
I did get a wave all the way through on his big board, it was alright but 60/40 rails through the tail had me hanging on through the shorebreak, I had no faith it was going to hold. His board does have a too-small fin in it so that was part of it.

Its the little things that make Magic Boards.
Nice glass job though, all pretty and tight-y white-y.

Anyway, time to do some cyphering and some planing and some planning.
And a concave.
A huge concave.
See ya.
Oh, you guys that bought boards, thanks, really means a lot.

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