So I

looked at inserting 2 stringers from the tail corners of a Simmons design up into the deck, I was able to flatten the rocker to 6 feet of glorious planing surface,
With the wide point at 52", the nose can achieve 4.25 inches of smooth rocker the first 36" of hull.
So...this means what?
It means I can take a stringerless 9'4", flatten the rocker and build a high speed planing hull destined to go so gloriously fast, its wax will melt.
I am not sure what it would surf like.
Seems to me it would be boat-like.
Maybe way less hull.
The big issue with building these style of boards has been for most, the blank had to be either huge to get the right rocker and tail width as well as the S deck (must have
for the foil of the rail) or special order rockered blanks from USBlanks and others.
Well thats kind of spendy.

How did I get into this kick.
I am not sure but I enjoy the fact that a design so funky looking actually works.
So I might do this set up and see how it goes.
It won't sink.

Need to fix the camera issue too.
I have three hours to kill.
See ya.

Oh, Simmons wasn't a nose rider.


Lowel said...

Stringers on the tail? Is there any theory regarding the stringers or are you just doing it for looks? If it's for looks remember "measure twice, cut once".

retro shaper said...

Hey Lowel, mostly for looks and practice, I did miss the on the nose of the last Simmons thing so...
There needs to be a school for this stuff.