Called it and while it was far from consistent, I had more than a few down the line fun runs.
Rode the sixten Midi and it absolutely flew, the board is so user friendly and so fast. Did have a few 'uh oh' moments in the tight, pitching bowl over the rocks but the board wasn't made for that kind of top to bottom wave anyway so no surprises.
The speed the design carries through cutbacks and transitions and especially pumping down the line.
Just insane.

but 6'10" is about the limit for the design if one wants to surf it and hit big carves in shoulder to head high waves. I dug in the backside rail twice today on the smaller, waist high tweeners, the 6'10" does not come around as fast as the 6'4" and 6'6"'s I have built and surfed. I dont know what shorter would be, let you know in a few days...
But on the shoulder high and up stuff, this sixten is just wow.

Right Gorgeous George?

Here is the board on day three...Wearing the grunge already.
And yes, in anticipation of the Mysto, I installed a leash plug this morning at the crack of dawn.
I like this board and I want to keep in in one piece.

See ya.

Oh, solo at the Mysto for the first hour....


gorgeous george said...

well, stoke my turnbuckle, not bad at all...the quigs and dora would rub a lil' brylcream on the nose for speed, maybe that'll get you throught the bigger stuff, junior...

retro shaper said...

I should have run you over when I had the chance!
See ya at 12:05, same Bat channel...