0 for 7

What a great day, went a bit south for some wind protection and while it wasn't a Princess Sparkle Pony under the Christmas tree day, it was fun. I ducked into 7 and made it out of 0.
The stringerless sixten Simmons was tested, thoroughly and came up in one piece.
I was slammed, starfished and otherwise dumped in the hollow shorepound.
It pumps so well down the line I was able to turn closeouts into some decent waves.
Me go fast, me like.

Mr. Cranberry did the driving and treated me to two "World Famous Hot Dogs" on the way home.
He scored some waves too and I saw him 'find' the gas pedal on his 7'0" Casper. He got the wave and then it threw out in front of him, he stayed with it but it looked he was getting left behind. He leaned forward a bit and ZOOM! Right back in he went, he was smiling pretty hard and he bought me two hot dogs so I know he is stoked.
Will shape for hot dogs.

I haven't had much luck at this spot lately but it sure produced for me today.
Heading back tomorrow...and yes its just south of Kiwanda.
See ya.

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