Not a bad weekend...

Went one for two on the travels to the spot south of Kiwanda...
Yesterday was much smaller and windy but I had my 6 waves in 15 minutes and called it.
I also got the warm and fuzzies...
Mr. Cranberry, who has a few boards in his quiver, is now a certified Simmons convert. He rode the board Saturday and got a few good waves while getting used to it. Yesterday, he was out for four hours and got some great waves on his 7'0".
His surfing seems to have been ignited by having a board that is small and compact yet floats and paddles like something much longer and unwieldy. He is 225 and riding a 7'0" by 24 by 3 1/4 Casper, the board is identical to my sixten, just blown up for his weight.
He was getting into the hard offshore 3' waves early and hauling ass down the line, wave after wave.
I wasn't sure it was him when I saw the first wave.
I guess a happy feeling comes from shaping a board for some one and then watching them progress so rapidly...and yes, I know its the board.
The Casper out paddles his much longer epoxy board and is looser to boot.

I am itching to shape out something but aside from my own Bing Lightweight copy, I don't have much else going on.
Summer is coming and I thought of shaping out a few longboards for sale but I would rather go custom for someone than shape out what I like and then sell it.
Its just easier.
But I did decide to keep my shit a bit closer to the ocean.
I will shape for those who are stuck inland but...
I sold the custom Turtle to a local guy who saw it when it was being shaped. I mentioned to him I could copy it for him so we were going to do that.
But after having so many second thoughts about the Turtle getting parked on a wall in Bend...fuck that.
Sorry Missy, go get a board somewhere else.
Mine are for surfers.

In other news...
I can no longer ride my log with any sort of sanity.
After riding my ever shorter Simmons projects, I seem to have lost interest in logging much. I rode my SUP for a few hours yesterday morning but its pretty loose for a 9'4".
My 10'0", while being one of my favorite logs ever, has become really stiff to my feet.
When I rode it Friday, it didn't like me neither.
My wife has noticed my boards getting shorter, she has known me to ride only longboards till recently.
You may not find me on a 6'0" any time soon but my next Simmons will be back down to 6'4".
So far, I have built from 5'8" to 7'0" in the design, I think 7 now.
The only one I am missing is a 6'8" in the bunch.
But since the design is rather straight forward, adding length is a simple matter.
So is going shorter. I have yet to make a long one because a longboard that won't noseride is kind of silly. And back when Bob was doing his thing, noseriding was not part of the surfing equation. Turning was barely part of the equation.

Anyway, much to do today, Stella stuff because I bail out for the week tomorrow, regardless.

Take care kids, see ya.
Oh, Surf Sister, good luck with becoming a Robot! I hope it goes well for you!

Oh #2, any readers in Santa Cruz?

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