17 and 1

Missed out yesterday, first time in a long time.
No paddle outs to anything, it was that bad.
Minus tides, south winds, all the ingredients for shit.
Today looks better but not much.

Packed up for the trip.
Hope to leave Saturday.
Forecast looks good and if not, I have a big sack of 'shrooms.
Those will make 2 foot Pleasure look like Ulu.
I scored heavily in '07 on my spring trip.
6 days of perfection.
In any case, it will be better than springtime here.
Chicks ya know.
Lots of chicks.
Taking two Simmons and my SUP.
A 3/2 Hotline, a 5/4 Hotline.
14 cans of refried beans.
2 jars of Mrs. Renfro's.
3 dozen corn tortilla's.
Shaved my head.
What more do I need?

Its good to suffer.

As a kid, I used to eat 25 cent bags of broken ice cream cones so I could use my lunch money for wax.
In my teens, I would rob and pillage the Vals for food.
In my 20's I was well taken care of.
My 30's were the same.
Now, I see the need to suffer, to be cold and hungry, tired and sore.
While suiting up for 6' perfection.

Comfort is overrated.
Makes you soft.

Might post up tomorrow.
But if not, see ya in 2 weeks.

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