18 to 1

Geez, get me out of here...no surf.

On the bright side, both the 7'0" and the 9'4" are within minutes of being glassed.
Or could be.
I got to looking at the Bing copy and while I like the way it came out so far, the urge to refine the shape is....well.
Its a good shape but I know the shape was more defined later on in its life.
It looks identical to the pics I have seen.
Well, its what he wants and thats that.

The Simmons style board though...
Its going to be very good. See, its number 6.
Number 1 was good, two, three, four...five is still in my grubby little paws and not for sale.
All of them were great (the Spaghetti was the standard) but I like the refinements I have added in. Mostly in the step deck and tail rail foil. When you get over 6'6" or so, there can be a lot of foam sticking out in places.
Best to blend it in.
The 7'0" is a mighty chunk of foam.
I increased the nose rocker an 1 inch over the last two.
Added 1 inch of tail rocker.
Lengthened the fin base.
And this one gets the tail concave back.
Because while it may not doing anything, it sure looks cool.
It has that look.
Its sitting on the stands saying "hurry the fuck up!"
I haven't made the fins yet!
It needs artsy fartsy work anyway.
Or a Green Man.
We will see.

Never got a bike so my trip south is a fossil-fueled adventure.
Yeah, I was going to trailer a board.
All the way to friggin' Peru.
My wife lets me go till I run out of money.
As cheap as I am?
I can be gone a month on 300.00.
Ask her.

Pictures later hopefully of the shaped blanks.

See ya.

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