It looks like we won't get much surf next week but the weather looks good anyway.
And yes, SC is Santa Cruz...water is five degree's warmer and the chicks are...well.

In other news, I just ventured down to our local surf shop...
Its called Waxers... one associated with the shop actually surfs.
There are more piece of shit beat up and old ass boards in there than you could possibly imagine.
Starting at...350.00
Anyway, they do have a fin I wanted because of its color.
I can get a new one from FS for $19.60 but hey, I try to keep some money local.
So this fin they have is used, a bit beat but I can clean it up.
They want...$18.00 for it.
Same as new from FS.
Right about now I should mention that they do not have any wax.
Thats right, no surfboard wax.
Welcome to Coos, please lower all expectations and enjoy your stay.

So I put the order in with FS, needed fin boxes anyway.
I should open up a shop here.
A real shop.
With wax.
And call it....

See ya.


Surfsister said...

The ever-changing name of this blog cracks me up!

Your boards are sweet. I'm lucky you don't live anywhere near me. Really. I am. You'd have all of my little bit of money.

I've been to Coos Bay. And that's all I have to say about that. (I went to college in Walla Walla. Yeah, I know.)

r. said...

speaking of visiting Coos Bay. my grandma lived there. she was married to an ex-con, and spent her last days drinking at "Lindbladt's" tavern. good times... needless to say, i didn't get any waves during my visits, but my grandma was shit-faced every time i saw her. i was thinking about heading down to settle the score. (it's richard from PDX). what do you think, after you get back from the Cruz, want to show me a couple spots?
sounds like a local escort might be a good idea! maybe i'll take a few days to revisit Coos.
post some pictures, Tony.
Good travels, take some time to freak!