Is it summer yet?
Surfed last eve in shit you wouldn't even call Florida-like.
Just awful but something to do. Some times, you just have to get
But frankly, its been shit for the last 6 weeks and I am so over the walled up and windy.

Mr. Cranberry says he is free for a bit so we made a tentative plan for a run to SC...which is already getting a strong southern pulse...and then I get the email...
"My girlfriend...." well....ya fucker! Ha!
So, I have everything set up so I might as well go tomorrow.
I don't mind solo surf trips but...

On the shaping front, I have the Turtle board within minutes of being finished, I still have no way of getting it to her and she has no way of coming to get it.
Uh oh.
Things go as they go.

I did the 5'8" mini Simmons in EPS last night, I will glass it when I get back. Its not an ordered board, just something I wanted to build. I will ride it before I put it up for sale but frankly, my surfing will over power any board that small. Hydrodynamica has a clip of a guy riding a 5'2" Trilobyte, that board is way too short and gets overpowered throughout the clip.

I dont care for the way EPS shapes out, it really is like an ice chest.
A spackled ice chest.

I am also designing a kneeboard for my self in the Simmons style. I rode some 2' windslop the other night on my sixten prone. The board in straight trim is very, very fast and I got to thinking that a Paipo or kneeboard would be really fun to have around. I did do some kneeboarding back in the day, mostly at spots that would rock a stand up surfer. We have some high tide wompers locally that might work.
And it only costs me about 70.00 to build one, including hand made fins, in epoxy.
Time to bust out the Churchills.
I think they are still attached to my sponge...
Anyway, not much else new going on.
I can't start a new board because I have all that I want in my own quiver.
One of you out there need to get a hold of me and order something so I don't go stir crazy.
I called Bob Miller in SC this morning and left a message. Last time I was in SC he shared some templates and shaping with me (but wouldn't let me buy his own personal Rambler!) so I will come back with some more knowledge.
If you don't know who Miller is...

Anyway, thats it for me.
I promise to leave this time.
Watch the Pleasure cam after Thursday for my finger.
See ya.


Surfsister said...

Southern California? South Carolina? What is "SC"?

Surfsister said...

Santa Cruz?

retro shaper said...

Yes, Santa Cruz is our Tropical Paradise...water is a whopping 5 degree's warmer, all the breaks are wide open and welcoming and all the locals are sissies.
(not really!)
We make this pilgrimage every chance we get and enjoy the hospitality of those in the Real Surf City!