A bit more or less...

The sixten still smiling from a smokin', no leash, balls to the wall speed session at the Hook. Blistering 6' faces were reeling down the kelp line at low tide on this afternoon session and every wave ended in a tube riding beat down.

The contest scene, a very low key fund raiser really. Lots of cool old boards and some of the nicest 'locals' you will find anywhere. If you can surf anyway.
Free donuts, coffee, boards to drool over. Killer raffle that included a GP Wave Farmer, an Ashley Lloyd with a sweet baby blue tint...I surfed with Ashley at First peak Friday night, all I can say is "graceful"...In the middle of the picture, the guy in the brown shirt and glasses...he and I were the last men standing during a 20 wave set on Saturday evening. We were way outside and laughing, watching 6' green walls marching down the point towards us-"you want to go?" "No Bro! you go!" "SEE YA!"
Went I paddled back out you can bet I said thanks.
In the background you can see the Hook doing something.

"Hurry up, lets go!" says the sixten as I grab some herb and chill for a bit in the van.
It was 74 on the beach and rather toasty.

Light Saturday crowd during the high tide softness,

Some weird ass picture of me.

Lunch. Can of Stagg, cold. Doritos naturally.
Oh, Union Made Miller Beer because this man does not do frau frau.

I stopped by Homeboys' place in Davenport to drop off a gift from the Earth...

¿Formó usted una tabla hawaiana para una mujer de Portland?
¡"Sí, ella tuvo algunas tetas agradables"!
"Y un asno agradable también"!
Sí, yo la encontré una vez.
¿"Pero su novio, él fue un loco, no"?
I left with a smile at the joke.

Anyway, see ya.

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