Well crap...

I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to throw out there but ya know what?
I am kind of done with it...
My trip was great, from Wednesday at 4:36 PM till 8:00 AM Sunday, I was treated to a great south swell.
I surfed the Lane, the Hook, 38th ave, First Peak and Privates.
I rode 11 boards in all not counting my own.
I attended the LogJam and shagged lost boards.
I proved up my Simmons inspired boards at the Hook and while doing battle with the longboarders at 38th.
I broke one leash, used one bar of wax, spent 330.00 on gas, food, pot and camping.
I was invited to the 36th ave Block Party.
I spent an hour with Nick Palandrani (he liked my Simmons).
I confirmed my status as an Honorary Dirt Farmer.
I got some swag.Surf was epic, as good as the April swell of '07, maybe a bit bigger.
My Simmons inspired boards are a delight to ride in big point surf, I can't remember the last time I had that much fun surfing. I will be going shorter with my own boards though.

There is a bunch more but I just don't want to throw it out there.
While I love the visitors that 'get' this blog, there are too many visitors that don't.
Kind of like surfing.

See ya.


6ftnperfect said...

Epic! I haven't surfed those spots in eight years.

Surfsister said...

Yes!!! I wish you could come a little farther south. On the other hand, no I don't. The points here, from what I saw from the computer, were obscenely crowded. That's not worth the drive from CB.

retro shaper said...

No worries Surf Sister, crowds I can handle, its everything else associated with SoCal that will kill ya!