Whee stick

Got after a bit of foam. Wee thing is close to glassing.
It looks much like the Source board in all but length.
Planing Hull, concave out the back, 2 " nose rocker, 1" tail. Deck is domed spilling
onto hard egg rails to 24" and then rolled down.
Nose is 20", tail 18".
Trash can lid tail.
I still have the thickness at 3" in the middle.
I am not sure I want to take that volume out.
If I leave it in, its def a stand up rider.
I take it out and I think its a kneeboard.
Man, the drama, who knew?
(laugh with me, k?)

Thats a rail thing.

Thats a concave thing.
Them are graduated steps marked onto the foam to form in the front hull.
Its like math but dusty,

Thats the 90% completed blank from afar.
That there is a picture of the foil.
Its pretty cool so far.
Except that bike trailer has seen better days.
Stella has ridden in it since she was 6 months.
Now, she barely fits.
See ya.


Surfsister said...

You are one of the most prolific hand shapers I've seen (heard of?) in a long time! Where do you find the time to shape all of these boards? I'm impressed.

the prick said...

Thanks Sister, it takes about 2 hours to get a blank this far. The Wife teaches Belly Dance three nights a week, 2 hours at a time so...when the Kitty is away, the Cat will shape!
I just love building boards, the art, the creativity, that first wave on something you built...nothing like it.

r. said...

fuckin' sick, Tony. six colors? oh, hell yeah, freak flag flying!
you sure busted this one out quick.

i'm at, work, trying to get tomorrow off... it is in their best interest to let me go surfing.

r. said...

p.s. i just caught that part about the guys that hate you. who do you think you are, mindin' your own business, and shaping cool boards all the time? plus with all that good head-space, and surfing all the time. Fuck Them.(and their china-made surfboards). I don't get what's to be hatin'. someone needs a puff...
work said, "no way" to an extra day off. Man, i must be vital to the organization! whatever... $= food, smoke, and gas.