Whee stick 2

Hmmm, nice outline...where did I steal it from?

I have the blank finished up and masked for its top lam, going double 4 oz with a tail patch and I am going to use 6 colors I think...yeah.
The bottom will be single 6 oz and single 4 oz, its stringerless so...
I saw a color combo on sways that I liked so I am going to try to duplicate it.
I thought of going with long tiger stripes but too messy looking for my eyes.
I left it a stand up rider but took the thickness down to 2 11/16ths.
I looked at Sources a bit and noticed he does go to 6'6" with them.
This one is 6'0" right now, volume should float a surfer to 190 lbs. without too much sacrifice in float and paddling.Up there is the bottom at mid point. The hull is still flowing but the thinned rails have pretty much taken over. Thinning the eggy rails helps to put the board on rail.
I will glass her this morning and maybe get her in the water by Saturday.
I haven't surfed since I got back, hell, I haven't even looked.
Its hard to come off a great trip like that one and then go stare at 3' windslop.
But I have to say, all of those groveling sessions in junk, paddling out when no one else would even bother pays off. I had at least 6 hours in the water every day on the trip and never felt it except the next morning-while suiting up.
Something to be said for keeping those skills sharp and those shoulders in the mix.

Not much else going on. Aside from the Source Scrambler copy, I am building a custom for Randy, a 7'10 Speed Machine, similar to the Turtle but without the Turtles.
Its the one and only tri-fin I will ever build.
Widowmakers don't count.
I mention that fin set up as it would apply to the stubbie I am building.
Hmmm...oh boy, here comes the drama!
I haven't made the fins yet so....
Thats the life of a hack shaper.
I am good enough to repro anything I see, not good enough to define what would work best with any (ok, some) confidence.
Like my first Simmons inspired, the back and forth is good and will yield good results.
Hmmm...a stubbie.
Or I will get wet.
See ya.

This board will be up for sale in a week or so, if its something you might want, email me at retroshaper@gmail.com, if you are quick enough, you will get the color (s) of your choice as well as fin set up! Board is 250.00 with fins and leash plug.
May or may not come with dings.

ps...for a group of osp "surfers" that profess to hate me, you guys sure come here a lot. I have 36 people reading this shit, coming out of Portland, some with over 300 visits.
Of course, if I lived 80 miles from the water, sitting in a little box at Nike all day, I would want a distraction too.
Sonno Vostro Sciavo.


Slim said...

Shame you've got to hate on the Portland surfers so much. I enjoy reading your blog because of the weird stuff you're shaping and the frequency of your updates. And yes, I sit in a little box all day.

Retro hack said...

Aw, I don't hate the osp, I just do not appreciate the dog piling hate that stems from the osp and its inland nature of looking at things.
Dog help us all if we keep our minds closed to other ways of doing things and then pile on hate because of our closed minds.

My way is my way, just another way of doing it.
That my sense of humor and way of living is not respected by some leaves me not sleepless but sad for those who have succumbed to group think and pc bullshit.

The osp has proven itself to be collectively an asshole while its members are most likely not.
The ones I have met any way.

Maybe its the collective pc nature of the place.
All I know is the osp could be so much more yet it will always remain shit because of its dog piling and bandwagon nature.
I was a member way back when it started.
But the closed minded and rather groupthink ethos is so tired.

Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoy the show.
Remember, hate and sympathy go hand and hand.

MC said...

i live in portland, live to surf, don't sit in a cubicle, and have nothing but praise for you and your blog...

so there.


Retro hack said...

That makes you a surfer, in any ones book-especially mine.
Its not about where you live or where you are from.
Its about where you are going.
Thanks for stopping by, now, what the hell colors am I going with on this damn Scrambler copy?

Randy said...

I'm a nomad. I'm excited for the board you're building me! My 7'10" Speed Machine. I'm gonna tear sh*t up.