Well shit...

"We got the eye of Fatima..."

I am sucking down coffee because...
I am going to town tonight.
I have the playlist set up and turned up my 6,000,000 watt stereo up to 10.6.
I have 6 colors of tinted resin in cups.
1 cup o' clear.
1 bad ass Thalco squeegee.
1 sleeve gator.
Two new pairs of gloves.
A pair of Carrharts I have worn while glassing every board I have made.

"So you've been to school for a year or two and you know you have seen it all..."

Lets get it on.
Oh, must puff first so I forget the catalyst.

Don't laugh, I did it once.
On a 10'6".
Laid the lam and noticed
a little cup full of clear catalyst.
Mixed it into a new pint and hit the lam.
I won't forget again, I have a system.

Big 3 inch laps.

"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends..."

Hoping to blow them both out tonight, wake up and sand, do the decks and be gone by Monday sometime.

"Parental discretion is advised for the moment, while I'm getting candid..."

Surfed today.
It was fucking cold.
My hands...oh, the horror.
Saw a Rebel SUP flailing about in
the water.
What a piece of shit.

"So much drama in the LBC..."

Generic chinese crap.

Whats the point in riding that shit?
I am pretty sure those imported boards give you
Or kookies.
Rail digging, nose flopping waste of chemicals.

"Here, have a dollar, in fact no. brother man here, have two..."

Drop dead day here on the Coast, 70's, warm, no wind.
Surf was little and getting smaller.
But who cares?
Look at that Sun.

"I find myself in revelry, what we might have had, what we might have been..."

Yeah, I will be up till midnight.
I do my best work when I am worn down a bit.
Done with thinking and planning and just doing.
I have 4 boards on order.
Its rolling.
And by the time I get an order a week, I will be out of cheap blanks.
You watch.

"Five fed up faces with the itch to kill a King..."

See ya.

Thanks Dr. King.
For everything.
The World misses you.
But look what you started.
Can you say President Obama?

"Life ain't so shitty, there's a lot that you can be..."

Just ask Anthony....

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Surfsister said...

I love your blog and your boards!