'night Jimbob...

As predicted by the Almighty French Press...
We have this....thats the gator I found.

Its like the 60's really didn't run away to Oregon after the Summer of Love.
Ok, they did and they brought their Rainbows with them.

My next Simmons is getting this assault of color.
Thats fiberglass down there.

Thats the colors throughout the rails.

Thats the only picture I got of the 7'0" Casper.
Thats the tail of the Lightweight below.
Of course.

I like it and its one of the few boards I am going to polish out. The colors wash out in the pictures, they pop in person. The trick is to really get any 'mud' resin out of the lam.
It was fun, had not attempted this many colors before.
The board looks sweet now that its at least lammed. I have to be honest and say I did not like it at first.
I ain't a pintail guy.
But that tail up there and the foil attached to it...wow.

Did the Fire Board too but forgot to get more pictures.


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