Fin box is in, pinlines are done, only the hotcoat and three hours of sanding remain...
Till Rambler Jr. takes to the waves.
First, where do you put it?That looks like where it goes!

Six inches up from the tail, I was going to go seven but decided to keep the pivot fin option closer to traditional.
Taped it off, dremel with a small is the glass peeling up, its down pretty good but still fresh enough not to tear foam.
Some guys have a plunge router and a jig.
I can build a guitar so a hammer and chisel are all I need...
I didn't get pics of the glass fabric going in...
Tinted red resin to match the pinlines.
Here ya go.
10 minutes, start to finish.
Here is some shit I found on the beach after that Gale the other day...
Most of it I can use...the nylon gator would be nice on my squeegee arm, the coffee? Every one needs coffee. A small toy boat...give it to Stella and tell her its a shipwreck. Ear plugs? Sure, I have a planer that sounds like a friggin' airplane on meth.
A fishing toy!
Small bobber? Cat toy!
Reduce, reuse and scrounge.
See ya, off to check the surf type stuff, like waves.

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Doc said...

Initially I thought you found:
A surfboard in a board bag
A skateboard deck
An industrial size bag of Folgers
And the rest of the dhit I didn't care about
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