Big time.
Even got vibed a bit...for getting too many waves and not sharing.
Like its kiddie fucking day camp.
You are either paddling deeper or for better position or you are not.
I tend to paddle to the peak, to the steep, to the spot.
Not sit and wait for it to come to me.

Rode the Simmons.
Its still faster than your board.
And it does snap.
It also sprays.

Had limited time out and actually snaked Scott, sorry Scott! Had to go!

I just finished the cheater coat...I normally don't do one but the Rambler 2 has a deep tint and I want it to look even deeper.
Maybe even pretty.

Grind the bottom lap tonight, do the pinline and start on the hotcoat.

See ya, heading to the park to catch feed the ducks.

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