I love the smell of resin in the morning

Did the bottom of the Rambler part 2 this morning, I would share pics but frankly, if you have seen one bottom done, you have seen them all. I did put in a tail patch, something I regret not doing on Rambler 1.
When I ran aground and ripped the glass-on fin off of it, the tail suffered some delam. a stiffer glass schedule would have spread the stress out and saved me some work.
I will also use a cheater coat on the deck, this will save me from using a deck patch and still give me a strong deck.

The tint came out great and the red pinlines will definitely give it a classic look.
Resin pinlines.
Just those will take two hours....

I should have it done by tomorrow, I told Loren about the board so hopefully he can ride it this weekend and see if it works for him.

The volume is the same as a 10'2" by 22 1/2, it will float a surfer up to 240 wet without the inherent issues of nose swing that you get from longer longboards.
Thats why my SUP is only 9'4".

Speaking of the SUP, the other day when I rode it in HH waves, it rocked. Carved as well as a high performance 9'6". The weight works to my advantage a bit, Its easier to carve up and over the top and still have momentum to drop back in the wave face.
One thing I want to note about riding a stand up...the way you catch waves by sliding in so early, its different than board surfing. Its a smooth and easy transition, perhaps because you are already moving along pretty good in the first place.

Anyway, going to have a look for waves...
See ya.

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