Rambler #2

Here is the deck glass going on Rambler Jr., its the same board as Rambler Sr. but a foot shorter and a touch less nose concave.
And a tailblock.
Not very groundbreaking but frankly, its guaranteed to work as well as Rambler Sr.
Most longboard shapes that are traditional follow the outlines and contours of those boards built in the 1960's.
For a good reason.
They work for the traditional type of longboarding, small peelers, nose rides and drop knee turns. And my personal favorite-fading take offs.
This board is being built for a local guy who doesn't know I am building it for him.
He likes Rambler Sr. a lot, so much so he bought an Arrow CJ model on a whim.
But the CJ is a thinned out 9'8" with super sharp rails and its more for a guy who already has the traditional longboarding down. It would be hard to learn noseriding on a CJ.
Nice board though, I like it.
But this Rambler Jr. has the foam he needs and more forgiving rails.
And a tail block.

I went with the hempy tan color again cuz I really like it.

Here is the process...

Lay out the glass and watching that your hands are super smooth, massage the shit out of, around the rails, across the deck, always working from the middle out....

Pour some resin on it (its 9'0" with six ounce so 1qt. does it)

Spread it out with your Thalco squeegee running excess off the deck and on the the rail laps...listen for the 'zip' across the glass and you are good.

Ah, thats looking good but I still see pooled resin. Pooled resin when clear aint so bad, pooled resin with tint...bad.

More massaging with the squeegee and here we are.
Aw crap! Did not see those scratches on the blank! Ooops! Oh well, once it is down, its down.
Laps are tight, resin is even...cool...bong load time....
One final look over with fresh eyes and Rambler Jr. will sit till it gels. Then I will cut the laps and do it all again on the bottom.
Then the deck again...
As Homer says..."How hard could it be?"

I encourage every surfer out there to at least build your own once.
Maybe I can talk Loren into sanding this one....lol.
BTW, if he doesn't want it, its for sale when finished...get your dibs in because if my wife sees one more board in the front yard, I am dead meat.
See ya.


Doc said...

Oh Yeah...
Best Blog Ever...
For now...
Keep it up.
verification = brnbrite

BoardSide said...

Great tint! Has a great antique look.