Barklow pintail 'Lightweight'

The Barklow pintail 'Lightweight'...
A bit of foiling to do yet but its within an hour
of being ready for glassing.
Purple tint was mentioned, darker purple.
Cutlapped onto the deck.
But I need a deck color.
Not clear, too stark.
What the heck goes with a darker shade of
Off to Sways to browse through the 'resin tints and patterns' threads...

Thats a medium 9'4" blank...

Thats the start of things...

There are the rocker numbers I want and I have the stringer close to them.
Got them and now the stringer and bottom are uniform and the foam is flat straight across.
Start of walking down the rail bands.
Deck somewhat foiled, outline is at pencil line.
And there she is.
Headed to Newport when finished.
Its a copy of a very popular board back in the day.
Its only update is a bit of rail, the original shaper got it right.
And I left a bit of thickness, hidden but its there.

See ya.

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Surfsister said...

Wow. I've lived in L.A. too long. I was going to suggest gold for the deck. Then I realized I was having you make a Lakers-colored board. I hate the Lakers! I've gotta get out of this city.