6'4" Source Scrambler.

I did an outline last night on my next board (meaning for me), really just a longer Orangescicle board but with a thinner tail and a different fin layout.
I sent off an email for info on tail width but these curves are my own.
The 6'0" Orangescicle has enough float for me so taking that volume and
putting it in a 6'8", pull the tail in to 17" the same rail foil and curve as
the smaller 6'0", not quite as loose but with these legs, I don't need loose.
The concept of thinner-meaning tail thickness-from 26 inches up, well, I think I will get carried away...
Ya'll seen this?
I am so stealing that.

I had a long conversation last night with another local guy about hulls and other alt craft.
Not really alt I guess, just different from the mass produced or tired old shapes.
And I think, for me, its that my surfing has evolved to a point where I need/want to explore other ways of surfing. I have always surfed all kinds of boards, long and short.
But with the ability to shape out whatever I want for not too much money, that opens up a whole new way of looking at what I can get under my feet.
And, the wife really doesn't care how many boards pile up, as long as one goes away each week.
I was riding a 5'6" twin fin in 1976.
2009, I can ride a 6'0" planing hull twin fin.
And have fun doing it.
My surfing isn't as 'vert' as it once was, thats true.
My back (Hell, my body) will not let me do what came naturally as a kid.
So like the rest of the old guys, down the line speed and long carves have replaced getting upside down backside re-entries...come on, admit it.
I have always been a down the line kind of guy anyway, growing up on a point break does that to you.
So, searching for new ways to 'surf', I guess I am using my shaping to do just that.
Lately when I ride my log, I sit and trim out more often than not. I find myself tucking into the pocket more often and riding the nose less. Dragging my hand in the wave face, often.
Am I bored with logs? A little. The same moves over the last 40 years...yeah, its all second nature now. I did come up with some new shit after watching the logjam in SC but I find myself itching for any wave over 3' that will let me go to the shortboard.
I love bottom turns.
Long, swooping, way out onto the shoulder bottom turns.
I have a good one, be it on a log or otherwise.
My formative years were spent looking at pictures of Jeff Hakman and Reno, many others at Sunset. Those guys committed to their bottom turns and always seem to project with amazing speed.
Full circle.

After finishing out the Minty Hull, I have a few ideas and I am lucky enough to be able to get them into foam and glass.
Uh, what was I saying?
Yeah, I love surfing and I love shaping.
Thats it.
And I am heading off into the thinner tailed hulls and altcraft.
Why not?
I still ride a sponge too.
Its all surfing.
Claim it, right Sissyfish?

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