The hazards of litter...

I just went out to the van to get my suit out and wash it up.
After last nights session, I had picked up the parking area, litter left over from the weekend warrior crew.
I picked up a few paper cups, a few cans and a box dinner from DQ...
The DQ box had some weight to it and normally I would toss any food in it to the gulls or crows but I just threw it in the trash bag I carry in the van.
This morning, I grabbed the bag to empty it out and three rats came out of it, in a hurry.
Yeah, I jumped a bit.
Friggin' rats.
And then I thought, maybe the rats were the dinner? It is DQ after all.
In other news...
Suns out, looks like a great day on the Coast.
9 months of rain will have you praising even a '55 as the high' kinda day.

I am still pretty stoked after last nights session, there is something about evening go outs, especially with decent conditions and zero crowds.
And that kind of stoke has me wanting to shape some more boards.

I am putting the final touches to the Speedy Two Tone, a board that has been a challenge from the start. I don't like spray painted blanks, the color fades, they look cheap and are really a short cut to a good looking board.
After a few dings, they really look like shit.
On this one, the guy wanted black and instead of going cheesy and spraying it out in acrylics, I used the old method of resin foam stain and then taping it off and doing the glass in colored layers. Real 1960's kind of stuff.
But....I ran into compatibility issues, the gloss coat lifted some of the lam color, the black picked up every speck of dust it could find-including two spiders...
The white-though all tinted at the same time, still laminated in two shades.
In short, from ten feet it looks good...close up? Not so much.
What did I learn?
No more black noses, no more white decks or bottoms.
And no, I will not spray out a foam blank, like I said, cheesy.
Its resin tint or nothing.
But the Speedy Two Tone will be what it will, I am dropping its price to cost for him, if I ain't happy at least he will be.
Unless he hates it, then look for a really cheap 7'10" to show up here.
I don't mind failing a bit but I sure ain't gonna stare at it for long.

Thats the news from here.
See ya.


6ftnperfect said...

If I were you I'd claim the spiders were on purpose.

I failed more than a bit on my mini-sims, going to start over. I like your go resin or go home philosophy, keep it up and you'll have it down in no time.

Retro hack said...

Yeah, just tell him Dennis Jarvis ghost shaped it for me!
What happened to the mini?
I had one fold up like a cheap suit because of resin/tint issues...I should post a picture of it...

6ftnperfect said...

after reviewing my source materials (poached interweb photos and notes I wrote down after seeing Casper in person) I decided my step deck was ugly as hell from a side view!

Randy said...

I'm gonna love my board buddy. I'll put some wax over the white and in time nobody will be able to tell any color differences. I'm coming to pick it up Friday. Call a brother.