Sweetness and light...

And a pony too.
Had a great session just a bit ago, fun little beachbreak with little wind and two others out, a SUP'er and S on my sixten Simmons...I was relegated to longboarding on my trusty 10'0". Lots of waves, lined up lefts and the rights were reforms all the way through the shorebreak.
S had a bunch of waves including the last left of 75 yards to the beach.

He picked up his new hull from me but neither of us had a fin with us...lol.
He likes it, lets see how it rides ( I was hoping to ride it first but....)

Anyway, just another good day in a long string of good days.
Oh, I made brownies. No, not the special kind.
Going to finish a new longboard blank tomorrow for a surfer in Newport and finish off the last of the polishing on the Speedy Two Tone.
Then on to another Bing copy I think.
Life is good.


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