Two boards...

Will be done today...and two more started.
Oh boy.

Was a great weekend though, got some surf, got some board stuff done, went swimming...watched "Twilight"...(zzzzzz) and some guy named JT won Survivor.
Does it get any better?
We made an offer on a house...a full acre in town, south facing, good solar prospects and we will have some rental income too if everything goes as planned.
I will be out a shaping bay for a month but I have another place to do that.
Not looking forward to moving everything.
The acre is just over the hill from the beach, out of the fog but still 10 minutes from my spots.
Lets hope.
In other news...
A glassing outfit emailed me about glassing my shapes.
I will admit that my glassing, while solid, is never going to be cosmetically perfect.
But to shape a board and then send it 470 miles round trip to be glassed.
For 250.00.
Naw, I will stick with it.
Besides, I like glassing.
Its the sanding that sucks.
And maybe my glass jobs will never be perfect but when I started this, that was never a consideration.
Glassing and colors are tough.
Thats why there are places that do it.
Not every one wants the challenge, dig?
I dig.
And I like the challenge.
The Hull I am finishing today is tight and looks great.
I wonder what that outfit gets for a Coke bottle green tint?

Well, the house is waking up, time to get lunches made, school day planned and surfboards finished up.

See ya.

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