Surf, lots of it.
I was in the water at 0515 watching the sun come up on 2'-4' peaks, air 45, water maybe 55.
Had it to myself till 0700 when all of my good friends paddled out on me.
Nothing to do but paddle in and grab the shorter board...
I finally got good waves on the little 6'0" twin fin planing hull, otherwise known as the Orangescicle.
I was impressed.
It turns from any where on the board, I was pumping down the line and had toes within a few inches of the nose and I was just climbing and dropping as I pleased.
Its super fast and gets on its hull quickly. No spin outs even backside and pushing the tail hard.
It belly rides good too.
But alas, it needs a younger rider...its simply too short for me at 6'0".
But I will say it rides enough like the Simmons that I never lost the board or fell off and its not like I am used to it.
Is it faster than my Simmons stuff?
Even at its length, it felt good drawing a line out onto the flats for a sweeping cutback without worrying about bogging down.
Speed plus.
Can't wait to make a stubbie just like it at 6'6".
I will put it up on CL and see where it goes.

Yeah, its a glamorous life, shaping and sanding...Heading back out in a bit for more, longboard time I guess.
Beats nothing.
See ya.

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Surfsister said...

Was it snowing? Cos you look kind of icy. Wait? The sun is out and the grass is green. How's you do that?