Nice weekend...

Got some fun sandbar action on Friday.
Had some fun little waves on Saturday.
Surfed some fun little waves yesterday.
And last night, scored some fun SUP waves in the wind.
Today is supposed to blow again, gusts to 60 knots.
Firmed up an order for a super thinned out hull, going to be a challenge to get
it thinned out to what the surfer wants, very carefully I will go.
When you working rails that are 1/4", you best have some patience.
Its the biggest challenge in shaping I will face, you get one of these right and every other shape is easy.

Fitting fins to the Orangescicle today after I get my epoxy fix.
I have three new kits and can't find one of them!
I should get organized someday...just not today.

Watching storm patterns and looking for another strong pulse from the south so I can again infiltrate the SC area, hopefully before too long.

Oh, I mentioned that I was finally quitting the evil grip of tobacco.
I am stoked to report that while I have fits of weakness, I am down to 3 smokes a day (from 1.5 packs) and I am going longer and longer between smokes.
I hit 44 hours in one stretch so I know its going to happen.
Really cool.

Thats the news from the retrocynical....
See ya.

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r. said...

that's the ticket. you will quit smoking. i quit here and there for years at a time, i always felt so much better. i think about the quit again now myself.
Hooray for your forward thinking. Trust yourself!