Went a bit further but alas, the fins are not on yet.
I tried to get a shot of the S deck but no luck. Its there.
So, while I have not ridden yet, its a mini Simmons inspired with a much updated planing hull and softer rails, very little rocker and smooth foil from mid to low in the tail. The board over all is very similar to what I have been shaping, the tail and nose width are narrower and wider respectively. The nose is definitely thicker but the S deck puts the thickness under the riders chest. The board will balance at 2'8" right now.
I had read of a shaper in LA using a 22 nose, wow.
This one is up there.
Even at these dims, it doesn't seem 'pudgy', its easy to carry.
Now, if I can ride it well enough to feel it work.
The pinline came out ok, it was so muggy and warm here that the resin went off rather slowly and I had to backfill.
Friggin' pinlines.
Just need to fit the fins and final sanding.
And wipe it off.
See ya.


6ftnperfect said...

Cool idea on the deck pinlines!

r. said...

cosmetically, this is my favorite to look at so far. the shapes and suggestions of the pin lines really compliment. the process seems to be evolving into a wonderful body of work. i am glad that you have chronicled it for us. whee-stick...

Retro hack said...

I should pa more attention to the color planning, the pinlines just came about because of the deck patches...I did stare at it for two hours trying to decide colors and what not...
Because once its down, its down.
Now, where are those damn fins?!!!

r. said...

for whatever reason, you know this shit is cool...