Mine died last night so I went to the back was running hot so today, I get to take any money I have earned building surfboards and buy a new one...ugh...
Anyway, that meant I didn't get the fins on last night but I did do the bottom resin pinline-which will have to wait for the sander to finish. I will do the same to the deck..
The board is at 150 grit deck and 600 bottom. I don't go any further on the deck-Liddle doesn't so why should I?
My personal boards are at 320 grit bottom and no deck sanding after the fill/hotcoat. Leaves the deck a bit thicker but thats a good thing for deck dent resistance-thats where your delams' occur.
Not on my boards.
After you pile on the wax, who cares what the finish is?
Pretty ain't going to make me or the board go any faster.
This board feels good in my hands, feels light and lively and I can't wait to ride it.

I will be asking 250.00 for it within a few weeks or so.
If you bought a board from me before, 200.00 for ya.
Will do partial trade for fins (singles), 215 and 420.
I still need a bike too.
Final dims...
6'0" by 23" by 2 and 11/16ths thick, 21" nose, 18" tail, planing hull to flat to concave 'tween the fins. Egged rails up in front, down in the tail.
2 3/4" nose rocker, 1" tail.
Slight S deck.
No stringer.
single 10 oz bottom with double tail patch.
Double 6 oz deck with 4 oz patches.
Weight, maybe 7 lbs.

Liddle says the 320-400 grit is faster than any other finish. The science sounds good and Dog knows I hate sanding.
Just hate it.
Note my old SMA in the picture, recently retro fitted with an OG set of Road Riders 4's, still sporting the Indy's I bought in 1992....


r. said...

Tony is a master-shaper, and a thinker of great thoughts. the minutia of surfboard design is addressed. well planned and beautifully displayed. we look anxiously for more from this "up and coming".
nice work, sir...
very nice work.

r. said...

one more thing. I had the road-rider 2's on chicago trucks. hobie deck. the king pins would drag.
one day, i went to this pool in Lake Oswego and ripped shit up so hard, people stopped making fun of me. not the best board, but under my feet...

Retro hack said...

Man, I would almost kill for a set of Roller Sport Mark 4' longboard wheel ever.
I scored a board at a yard sale in SC, had those RR's on it and some newer 'wings.

Surfsister said...

Very nice work, sir! I'm anxious to see the finished product.