Whee Creamscicle

I have the board entirely hotcoated...
6ftnperfect had a question about the deck patches...
Its stringerless so instead of tripling the whole deck, I went with these patches. I plan to pinline them both in white resin, same on the bottom tail patch and cutlaps.
(work in progress, it ain't pretty till its under a surfers feet)

My own sixten Simmons is built the opposite, patches on the bottom, double 6 oz deck. I starfished at the Lane at the bottom of 10' of face, the sixten took a pounding behind me in the pit till the leash broke. No harm to the board and if that wave didn't break it, I am not going to paddle out in anything that will.
Doing it this way (having the strength on the deck} should optimize flex while still being strong enough to not snap. My sixten has virtually no flex.
I went single 10 oz on the bottom with only a tail patch for the concave and fins. The rails are wrapped three times instead of two (two from the deck, one from the bottom). Most boards break at the rails so...
I have no science nor engineering to back this shit up, it just makes some sense to me. It won't sink.
I made the fins today, I just hotcoated the deck so maybe in a few hours I can fit them.
I started with model aircraft 5mm and then laid up balsa on the outside to aid in foiling and having enough thickness for lift.

Anyway, in for a blow tonight and tomorrow, seas at 22 feet, wind at 30 knots or better...swell from somewhere at 18 feet?
...see ya and have a good weekend...

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