Side by side

The sixten has a bit more volume, about 18 percent. The outline of the orangescicle is obviously a bit more curved and that curve is continuous.
The other differences are the nose width and of course, length.
At 6'0", I don't expect the Orangescicle will paddle and catch waves as well as the sixten, even with similar volume.
One is a point break flyer, the other will be great in 2' to 4' beach break and smaller point waves (at least for me).
Heading out of here shortly for a look before the wind howls.
South young man, south.
Though I know of some one going north too.
In any case, outta here...
See ya.


6ftnperfect said...

I think you're gonna like the 6'0"

Surfsister said...

I like the looks of the Orangecicle. It would be perfect for the beach breaks I surf (although I don't know that I'll be able to bend my leg enough to pop up on a board that short). Good work! Send carrot cake!