There was cake involved...

Because it was Thursday.
Stella and I always bake on Thursday evenings.
This time, its a Carrot cake.She iced this one all by herself.
This one is mostly from scratch (yeah, I can cook, I do all the cooking and shopping) and is our first carrot cake-even kids get tired of chocolate.
It will be gone by tomorrow night because thats what its for.

In surf related news.
I got some yesterday, a two hour window of minimum tide and a sneaker south swell.
What? South swell?
Much is said about surf forecasting, Surflie, Wavewatching, Magicseaspooge and the rest. Some rely on those, others use the buoys in real time.
Some rely on the coconut telegraph.
I use the buoys.
But the buoys only show the dominate.
So by checking buoys out of my area (say, 400 miles south, near Kiwanda), I can see all of the swells in the water, not just the local dominate.
It helps.
Because I surfed 2'-4' lined up waves yesterday, sets of 8, from the south, out of any wind and with one other guy out-and he is 64 years old.
No one else even checked the spot.
And as long as so little thought is given to whats going on in the water, it will remain so.
What crowd?

I celebrated session 30 on the sixten...

Still going strong, not a ding on it.
Yeah, its dirty.
It had fun yesterday. It likes being trusted to help make tricky (rocky) sections.
It also prefers to be without a leash.

I wanted to ride the Orangescicle but while finish sanding yesterday, I hit the pinline and I have to redo some of it.
Oh well.
The weekend looks good.
Going camping I think.

See ya, have a great weekend.

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