Up since darkthirty...

Just finished the deck glass on the Hull and the fill coat on the 7'10 speed egg.
Speed egg.
Its a fun board.
Not much difference.
The Hull is wearing a custom Coke bottle green color, fake Volan if you will. It looks great and is one of the better cosmetic glass jobs I have done so far.
Its pretty light so far too, something I expected but didn't really know till now.

The joy of the Hull is its a custom for a local guy.
Thats nothing special but the guy knows a bit about boards.
He has, what? 20? Lots of hulls and alt-craft, some older vintage stuff. That he trusted me to get one of these rather complicated shapes right really boosted my ego a bit.
I am still hack but I do have a certain understanding of Hulls and surfboards, period.
If I see it, I can build it.
And Dog knows I can ride it.

Wanted to start on my new Mini Simmons but it will have to wait till these four are done.
Hoping to ride the Orangescicle today, we will see.

Going to go check the surf in a bit, should be something rideable somewhere and I can't touch anything in the shop for a few hours.

I have two more boards on order...how cool is that?
Pictures later of the latest...
See ya.

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