Thats there is some sorta of hull thing.
Tahts the view from the ass end.

No surf so I hid out in the Foam Dungeon.
I went further with this one, near finished.
Here is the foil from the front.
Click it.

Thats the bottom, you can tell cuz it has teh tail patch.
Thats the well balanced outline. Its really balanced on that bit of rail across the basket.

Thats the new hull hanging with last weeks model.
The Orangescicle is bored because there are no waves to be had.
Its also sporting a rather kooky wax job.

See ya.
Oh, Stella and I are doing brownies tonight.
Mmm, brownies.
I may break out the super sugar frosting.


6ftnperfect said...

RE the wax job: please tell me you don't wear tight pants!

Retro hack said...

Goodness no! But I do have a 6 year old with artsy tendencies...lol.