"Whole nutha level"

So I had my marks down, I was about to mix a dab of five minute epoxy up to tack the fins on when Stella called me upstairs...
After dealing with her crisis, I checked my emails...

"Balsa, dumbass..."

So I set the already made and properly foiled fins for the Orangescicle aside and set about carving some Balsa fins.
I would do Bamboo but I have not found a source yet and I do want this board done.

"Thin them out, especially at the tips. No more than an 1/8th inch 2 inches from the tip..."

Balsa is interesting to work with. Soft and pliable along the grain, prone to cracking or splitting.

"Keep 1/4 inch cordage. starting at 2 inches back from the leading edge..."

It tends to tear out.

"Make the trailing edge as sharp as possible..."

So I cut the templates out of the Balsa and held the ply fins in one hand and the Balsa
in the other.

"Now you have it, dumbass, its a whole nutha level..."

80 percent lighter and they float.

Yeah, it is a whole nutha level.

Progression, learning and listening.

It sets the Orangescicle back a day but
with 40 knots on the water, I guess I am in no hurry.

Thanks for the tip and info, dumbass.

I am also working on a speed/egg shape for Randy, an outline thats been refined and tweaked. I have the colors done (no resin tint on this one) but the hang up is the logo, finding rice paper and a printer willing to transfer the logo and go through that has been a hard call in my neck of the woods...

Back to the Dungeon of Foam, see ya.


6ftnperfect said...

rice paper - art store or Foam-EZ
printer - inkjet
print method - print out test on 8 1/2 x 11. Then take smaller piece of rice paper and carefully tape to test sheet, run it through again at high quality. Print on the smooth side, not the rough.

Any translucent thin art paper MIGHT work. Do a test.

Bamboo panels:


6ftnperfect said...

oh - if you use your home made logo over sprayed color, trim away as much excess paper as possible, even the best paper will not go completely clear. The darker the color, the more the paper shows. Best to put the logo on clear portions of the board.

Retro hack said...

Hey guys, thanks for that. I am using resin tint and a brush, two coats because its black, right on to the foam.
I will order up some bamboo from GL, I have ordered from them before but the products were pretty low quality.
I don't have a good balsa source thats close by but I did have a few panels left over from a longboard build a few months back.