Head check...

Yep, still there...
Running out to check out the low tide, not for surf because there isn't any but to show Stella whats under us when surfing.
I love rocks.
And I love teaching her these things, reefs, bars, rips, shorebreak.
Safety, ya know.

New Mexico is raging with LEO's busting Rainbows for any little thing.
The first weeks of a Gathering are like that.
This time though, the locals of Cuba are getting caught up in it, DUI's and the like...
Ignore all rumors of roadblocks etc...lol.

Seems I touched a nerve when I didn't name the blog that now features an ad for a magazine I have never seen let alone read.
I still won't name it, no reason.
And like I said its a personal choice if you want to to that-ads on your blog I mean and its a personal choice to not want to read that blog any more.
And...its a personal attack that shows how thin your rationale is for doing it.
You can't claim Soul and then act like a whore.
Not that you are a whore.
For a nickel.
But consider the SOC closed for now, k?

Well, have to run, this will be the last post till July something, have to go get my 'hippie in the woods' on.

See ya and have a great Summer.
Ad free of course.


Doc said...

You can't claim Soul and then act like an ass either...
Not that you are an ass.
To my recollection I haven't claimed status as a a "soul" surfer...
Don't know if you have...
Also, you have no clue as to my rationale for including the ad...
But I assumed (incorrectly) obviously...
That past civil interaction online & in person...
Would have limited the thinly veiled insults, name calling & threats...
I have no plans to surf the Southern Oregon Coast anytime in the immediate future...
But assure you your ban has nothing to do with it.
I'm done with this...
I'll remove your link...
Delete your e-mail address...
And if I see you in the water...
No worries...
Have a good life Tony.

Retro hack said...

Those that can't live the life read about it in the glossy pages of TSJ. Thats my opinion.
You say TSJ asked you to run ads on your blog.
You could have said no.
I don't understand how a surfer I thought of as soul would put ads up on their blog.
Its well known I despise commercialism, especially on surf type blogs.
And TSJ is pablum for the cube rats, despite all the pretty pictures.
Those are opinions, mine.
You are free to do what you want as I am free to express how I see these things.
I wasn't insulting you, I was voicing my surprise at yet another good blog going the way of commercialism.
You know I have a very dry and cynical sense of humor and that I am also brutally honest-being political correct just isn't my thing.
I used to make money from surfing, I was never a whore about it and left that side of surfing in the ditch where it belongs years ago after a long talk with my Father.
I encourage others to do the same.

Let me spell it out for you, you have a decent blog with lots of people who stop by, people like to see what you are up to. I think placing an ad on your blog sucks and said so.
Why try to make money off of those who just want to read you?
And then why steer people to such a -IMO- environmentally unfriendly rag as TSJ?

You said "you have issues".
Like thats a bad thing.

If more of us had "issues" about what we get forced to look at and listen to, life would be a quieter, gentler place.

I know, rather idealistic but I live in a bubble, what do I know?

You are still cool in my book and I am saddened a bit that I can longer stop by your blog.
I may be a bit crazy with "issues" but I am no hypocrite.

Surfsister said...

Brothers, it's obvious you are simply agreeing to disagree. Doc, retro hack means you no ill will. Don't take his observations personally. Retro hack, people will do whatever they damn well please on their blogs. Obviously you know that. You have a blog.

Can we all trade waves (in lieu of the kiss part) and make up now?

I hate to see good guys fight!