Up the road, down the road, up the road, down the road...
6 thousand miles between this post and the last.
Lets see...
Bought a house.
Surf trip.
Moved in to house.
Surf trip.
Hippie trip.
Surf trip.
Surf trip.
Bike trip.
Worked on house.
Worked on house.
Didn't surf.
Now you are up to speed.

I haven't shaped a thing since late June and I have one board to finish (sorry Randy), two to shape (part of the house purchase) and thats about it.
I need to get a longboard done for myself as I snapped the nose on the 10'0".
I am not doing boards for others after these, no money in it and I can't simply give away what I build.
It was a good run.

Been a good summer so far, I was out of the water for a bit after the last SC trip ( I was spoiled ) but caught the super deluxe Mysto Saturday and Sunday, HH and spitting a mere 20' off the rocks.
Solo for the first hour both days.
Funny thing was I spotted two of them tourist types from that OSP hangout, they were this close to the Mysto spot but passed it right by.

Speaking of shitpigs...
Our local gossip monger, kook and wannabe enforcer of all things local stepped over the line recently.
Yes Mr. Ron Whitley, you fucked up.
Its bad enough you can barely surf, that alone has most of us just laughing at you.
But over the line you went.
No one respects you asshole.
And you were smart to get out before I paddled.
You should always do that.

Ah, Coos Bay, gotta love it.
15 surfers here sharing 12 spots and still nothing but drama brought on by jealousy and childishness.
Any one else have a 'local' shitpig wannabe enforcer who couldn't walk to the nose if the tail was on fire?

Anyway, still as surly as always.
Ride brothers and sisters, ride on.
See ya.

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