Twin fin planing hull

One more thing before I go away....
I have been surfing the Orangecicle exclusively since I built it and I want to pass along some good info for those of you who have open minds and can actually surf.
I have been at this for more than 42 years, I have ridden every type of board under the Sun in that time, I am not the ripper I use to be but I do have some skills.
This new design that Palandrani came up with is by far the most versatile design I have ever ridden.
I have surfed it in 2' mush and OH hollow perfection.
Its very fast, its loose without being twitchy, it will hold a line and let you make sections with authority.
I have seen others ride it, loaned it out and they have given me feedback that mirrors my own experience.
I don't think its the end all-be all of surfboards but I do believe the design would suit many different styles and abilities.
Source has the originals, my boards are very close to what Nick shapes out.
If you get a chance to pick one up, do it, you won't be sorry.
I have the template, rocker and dims to share with any one who wants to shape their own, the only caveat is you have to start with a longer blank ( at least an 8'0" for a 5'8") to get the rocker numbers the design needs.
Its not hard to shape one out, the design is rather straight forward.
email for more at

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