In the mail...

I had three requests for the twin fin planing hull dims, good to see others looking past the racks of white chips and "high performance" longboards...
I got them in the mail yesterday for you three, good luck and if you need a blank or two, fins, let me know.

I also got another email from the Spaghetti rider...he loves the board and surfs up north with it a bit. He describes the funny looks he and it gets till others see how well it works. I get the same 'looks'. They don't look like what every one else rides up here but in Santa Cruz, I have seen at least 10 in the water now.
Because the design works.
Mr. Spaghetti describes the ride perfectly, "fast" and fast equals more speed through turns, more sections made and that equals more stoke.

I have yet to hear of or see any other shapers up here doing these hulls or twins, thats surprising because I thought that most shapers have an open mind kind of thing going and if you have the skills and materials, why not experiment with new shapes?
I don't see why a shaper would limit his own boards to the standard chip or longboard.

In other news....
I started this blog to showcase my shaping and board building shit, its been a new adventure for me, I have been shaping and glassing for a whole 9 months now!
But since I have not bothered with shaping boards for sale or anything, I don't really have a need for this blog thing.
I have my quiver together (3 boards, two planing twins and my log) and while I am shaping out another log for myself, I won't be doing much else as far as shaping goes.

I don't want to do a 'surf' blog, there are plenty out there and I can't exploit my little part of the world in pictures.

So I don't a reason for this blog to be around much longer (thunderous applause).
So there you have it.

Well, I have another 2 hours of blackberry bush hacking to do, some surfing this pm with any luck.

Take care kids...and thanks for stopping by.


slim said...

Thing is, most shapers in Oregon don't advertise what they're capable of. You have to talk with them. And if people ain't askin' for it...

Or why not just buy a simmons from a cali guy who has a big fancy website and a feature article on Surfline? People can be sheep.

Retro hack said...

Yeah, those Hydro guys at 1050.00 for a 5'6", I didn't pay that much for my van.
You have a point about shapers only putting out what is asked for, the point I wanted to make was, I have the materials and semi-skills to build any board I want so I do, why do I not see other shapers pulling out something like these twin hulls?
There are three of us riding hulls here and two more guys just to the south of me, I should wander up to PC and have a go...

Surfsister said...

I'm not happy. Don't.go.

Oh, there's no way I'm paying $1000 for a twin. I got Clayfin to make mine. I'm getting another blogger/shaper to make my next noserider. I'm done buying from the big name shapers when the little guys do just as good a job.


r. said...

tony made my board and i love it. sold most of my old stuff on craigs...
it just makes sense. it has a mellow blend of the right characteristics for the type of surfing me and most of my buddies do.
i am not doing any airs or riding the nose, but i do like to haul ass. i also like an easy paddle on a six-foot-nuthin' board.
Tony, you are the shit, and i'm gonna miss the blog.