Surfed yesterday....

Big whoop, didn't we all?
I caught three waves and then let the board go hang out on the beach, body surfed for an hour (water 49) and then strolled home.
Yeah, it was crap.
Tourist season is in full effect, the Valleys are hot, we are not.
Love to seem them show up in shorts when a nice down coat would be a better choice.

" So I want a quad set up with a swallow tail, chine rails from nose to tail, three inches thick, 22 wide, about 9'4"....for big waves..."
I call this surfer "Danger Boy" often, he is a charger but control isn't one of his strong points.
Just one of two inquiries I had yesterday.
I won't share the other one.

I used to restore pre-1934 guitars and sell them. One thing I came across often were players looking for that 'special tone', that one guitar that would have the guy playing like Ledbelly or Blind Lemon Jefferson in no time.
Never mind the 20 guitars the player already had, the next one was going to be the one to make up for the lack of practice or talent.
Tone man, I need tone!
I fed their habits because I liked the money.

Surfers do the same thing.
"The next board will make me Kelly!"
No, it won't.
Think about that the next time you are cruising the racks.

As to this blog, the above is what it will look like without me shaping any more, sorry but this is crap.

Yeah, sorry kids, I ain't into this.
We will be seeing ya around.
Take care.


Surfsister said...

I didn't surf yesterday! Oh, wait! Yes, I did! Big whoop for me and this knee!

Well, I can understand why you're done with the blog, especially if you're not shaping. If you're not interested in writing it, why do it?

At least promise to stop by my blog and harass me.

Thanks for the recipe suggestion you provided awhile back. I'll be baking those after my next trip to the dispensary.

Take care!

6ftnperfect said...

the guitar analogy still hasn't sunk in for me, I still have a few more designs to shape to try and make me Kelly! Finally rode my mini-Sims on the Big Swell. It's Magic I tell ya, Magic!!

PS - check out what John Cherry is doing with the design, I may throw a center stabilizer on my next one.