Well, look at this...seems someone is coming around to the shorter/fatter/wider deal...wonder why?
Oh, because the chip thing is dead.
He has too much rocker in the shape but otherwise, its on the right path.
I know, he is Shuler and I am a hack...but I ride these boards way more than he does and in my many conversations with Palandrani, I know what works.
Note how he talks about "planing", yeah, need a hull in the front third to get that 'feel' and fourth gear.
Trust me.

Board Loren, you are not yet a board whore.
I doubt you buy boards thinking they will make you better, more like the absolute junk surf you and I will paddle out in, that will make you better...

As to me, been laying low, getting my home in order, building cold frames, planning the additions, reggae fest coming up...
Haven't surfed in a few days and probably won't for a few more.
Life is like that.
Conditions have been rather poor anyway so while I am sure to be missing something...I am ok with it for now.
I am tripping off for two weeks again to SC as soon as the swell pattern for the end of the month looks good, even if its small I will still roll the dice because its the last blast of summer after all.
September is always good here anyway.

Well, thats it for me, see ya...
Off to bug the Surfsistah....

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Lan said...

I take it you like the general functionality of a "shorter/fatter/wider deal". Of course, this is nothing new and I'm just getting round to it again as a real fun option. Even though I haven't seen your boards, I praise your efforts because the best thing about surfboards is enthusiasm!
Oh yeah, one more thing, our wide angle lens distorts the rocker. Its actually quite a bit less than appears.
Good luck with your adventures in surfboards!