Ask and you shall receive...

Surfed 'Impossibles' last evening because I like the place.
Its the best kind of mysto spot, all hairball and mostly TOAD.
It was mediocre at best but good for 20 yards of cover up and
hair washing.
Had to paddle in when I hit the reef with my inner fin on the Orangecicle.
I had lost the board on the second wave but swam fast enough to grab it before it
found the cliff face.
Not so lucky the second time.
The fin pulled hard and split in the middle, pulling the glass off between the fins a bit.
Easy fix but there is some sand in it I won't be able to get out.
Not bad enough to replace the board yet, maybe next time.

In other news and there is plenty...
I got my chickens yesterday! WooHoo!
And they are still alive this morning...which is good.
And I planted my seedlings for my cold frame, nothing like fresh greens through the winter.
I gave away a riding mower because I like the work out my push mower gives me.
Bet ya didn't know I like mowing lawns...
And vacuuming...
And straight lines.
Well, have to run, fin fixing, some planting and mulching.
Going to get pics of the house up too.
See ya and get some.

Of anything.

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