Familiar bed...

...not so great actually...
Miss the road but Summer is not over, no no, Indian Summer is on its way, less wind, promise of swell...and still some gas money left.
Unless I bike it again.
But the trouble with bike touring with board/gear is the distance between 'spots'. Yes, there are mysto spots, today-only specials out there but the SoOr/NorCal Coast is not like any where else.
There can be 30 miles between beaches, let alone spots.
But its a good way to go if you have the time.
I figure ten days from my house to Santa Cruz, if you like climbs anyway.
And I love climbs. The pacing, the resolution to top the hill.
Cape Sebastian did kick my ass though, pushed the middle third...lol.

My previous trip by bike, the trailer weighed out at 45 lbs., this trip it topped 30 lbs. and I could probably lose another 5 if I cut out some of the tub.
I think using the board as a chassis is the better way to go.
A mule thing maybe.
I took the 6'0", a 3/2 and booties, no towel, sleeping bag as board bag, 1 quart of water, stove, propane, 1 quart pot, coffee, 3 pairs of socks, one warm windbreaker, 2 shirts (one to wear), cycle shorts and nylon quick dry shorts to go over them.
Tools and two new tubes.
And thats it.
Oh, gumdrops.
No food because why carry what you can buy on the way? No dishes or cups because an empty can of spaghettio's makes a great coffee cup in the morning.
I use the 'no cleaning' method for cooking.
Place tortilla in bottom of pan, place chili or beans or whatever on tortilla, heat, fold and eat. If you are careful, you will leave nothing in the pan.
And have no clean up.
For coffee, put water and coffee in the pot, stir, go to sleep, wake up and heat. Most of the grounds will have sunk, you get a great yield and if you are lucky, some fiber...
Simple is always best.
I guess I aspire to be a dirtbag tourist type someday.
Like beating the system with my crafty cheapness.

Anyway, just thinking outloud.
Hoping to surf today, going to kill harvest a rooster...
And catch up on the house.
See ya.

Oh, aftermath of hitting a 4" branch on the roadway...up and over the bars...but not so bad the next day.$100,000 worth of boats for a $12.00 fish...a little herb to quiet my laughter...View from the tallest bridge on the Coast of Oregon. Yes, there is a person in the water...Have a good day, see ya later this week...

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Anonymous said...

Board bag/air bed for the road weary.