Just got back from the check, its crap...
Up since dark thirty going over quad designs...
For some reason, the hype got to a guy who wants me to shape a board for him.
"Head high and up, super hollow waves, paddle really well and go fast with great feedback. A quad finned super deluxe please..."
Quad...will not paddle well with all of that drag from those fins.
Head high and up, super do not need speed for that wave, you need control.
I think he means control.
Ok, I can build a quad fin, you want it to flat paddle well so the rocker is going to be flatter...but then you will nose dive much more often.
Control and feedback...simpler is better, four fins ain't simple.
So what this guy wants is a bucket full of compromises.
No board is going to do it all at in our conditions.
Not my beloved planing hulls, not some stocker from CI.
Another case of the next big thing.
Oh well, there is no explaining board design to those who are caught up in the hype.

But it does mean that I am shaping once again.
That means the blog has a purpose again, aside from my incessant habit of talking out loud.

Well, breaking out the templates for the quad-did I mention its going be up near 7'0"

There is no pride in breaking usually means that you put yourself in a position to get hammered.
There are exceptions of course.
I have broken a few in my day.
Inside rock at Rincon.
My head at Uppers.
Free fall down 8' of face locally...(see bold above).

Well, need some water time so I am going to load up the SUP for the first time in months and get some workout in...
See ya and have a good weekend.

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6ftnperfect said...

the second Jim Phillips video has a lot to say about quads and how to set them up.