And it was hardly worth it but what are you going to do?
I paddled out for all of an hour, good to get wet I guess but damn, I need some good surf.
I sold off my too small single hull and now have the dough to finish off my new longboard, pics later with any luck...

I need a wheelbarrow...M?

Planning another trip south by bike this coming weekend, leave Saturday and head to Brookings or further...we will see.
I might go sans board and try for a few 100 mile days, like those crazy Italians that bike our Coast...I met a few, nuts is what they are.

Anyway, aside from chasing chickens, thats the news from Rancho de Costa Lotta...
See ya.

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Surfsister said...

Oh, we have three wheelbarrows! I'll send one up via FedEx . . . NOT!

I may take a bike ride tomorrow since I can't surf. My new knee has given me a reason to get back on my bike. I actually like riding again. Go figure!