Oh the drama of living at the Coast...
Looked good in the afternoon yesterday but I was a bit late on the take.
Had a few shorepounders in the middle while some longboarders had their way North of me.
Then the fog rolled in, couldn't see the beach even from the shorebreak I was riding...
I got to ride the Orangecicle, fixed the busted out fin yesterday, not much is more fun that shorepound cover ups on a little board.
There was a ruffle on sways yesterday about board thicknesses, some one posted that 2.75 is too thick for a retro fish and was promptly shouted down.
I haven't shaped a board that was too thick yet but a log I made for one guy was at 3.5, of course he weighs out at 260 so its all relative.
I rode the board and its was fine, not corky but I was careful to thin the rails out, if you go that thick, it becomes harder to sink the rail and that creates some tracking issues.
In my humble opinion...

I am going to have a 6'8" Hull for sale in a week, I missed the numbers for myself in volume, the board is more suited for a surfer at 140 lbs. than 170 lbs...oops.
Its the Palandrani template from the mint green hull I did for a local, the board worked so smoothly for him that I had to have one.
And no Loren, it won't work for you....
Look for pics this weekend after I ride it again to be sure.

Some ranting out there about what a piss poor Summer its been. Foggy, windy, small...wait, thats not piss poor, its typical the Summer.
But the Salad days are coming...last year was the best Fall I have had here, with clean conditions and, while small, good consistent swell. Our beachies can't handle the bigger stuff so there you are.

My wife is sponsoring me for the Noll this year.
Yep, going to do a contest.
Mostly to touch bases with other shapers in SoOr and Norcal but also to see what all the fuss is about.
Wish me

I left out Gato yesterday in the house pics, he was pretty pissed he is...
Making applesauce today with Stella, I have a new foodmill and I borrowed a canner ( I was doing tuna this weekend anyway), Stella loves applesauce and with over 300 lbs. hanging on the tree, better do something with them.

Anyway, thats the news from Rancho de Retro, have a surfy type day.
See ya....

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